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Mike Caudillo and Bob Willis – Lifetime Members of the Babe Ruth League Alumni Association

Thousands of dreams are born on Babe Ruth League fields each year where the true spirit of the game is seen through the eyes of a child.  The Babe Ruth League Alumni Association is proud to advance the general welfare of the Babe Ruth League program, as well as values the importance of offering today’s youth a chance to fulfill childhood dreams and develop into happy, healthy and productive adults.

Mike Caudillo of Kingsburg, California and Bob Willis of Wellington, Kansas, have joined the Babe Ruth League Alumni Association as Life Members.

It is only fitting that Mike Caudillo joined the Alumni Association as a life member.  Babe Ruth League has been his life.  His affiliation began in his youth as a player for the Kingsburg Babe Ruth League.  After his playing days, he went on to serve as a scorekeeper, manager, coach, umpire, league official, and Board Member. 

After leaving the local league level, Mike was selected as an Assistant District Commissioner, moving up the chain of command, holding such titles as District Commissioner, Assistant State Commissioner, and Assistant Regional Commissioner.  Mike currently serves as Central California Cal Ripken State Commissioner.

Mike’s dedication not only extends to the youth of Central California, but to the entire Babe Ruth program throughout the Pacific Southwest Region.

Mike Caudillo is an individual who likes to shun the spotlight and deflect credit to others.  However, the Alumni Association is very proud to shine the spotlight on Mike Caudillo.

Bob Willis has been involved with involved with the Kansas Babe Ruth Leagues since 1963.  Just as Mike Caudillo, Bob’s participation began as a player on the Wellington V.F.W. Cubs Babe Ruth team.  From 1983 to 1991, Bob coached for the Wellington Babe Ruth League.  After his coaching days were over, Bob served the Wellington Babe Ruth League in many other capacities, including Secretary/Treasurer.

Bob went on to serve as an Assistant District Commissioner and as Kansas District 3 Commissioner.  In 2009. Bob was elected Kansas State Commissioner, a position he still holds today.

Bob’s philosophy of teaching solid baseball fundamentals and having fun playing the game, has enabled the Kansas Babe Ruth State Organization to grow in numbers over the past years.  As Bob says, “First of all, involve all players.  Recognize that not all players have the same skills, but they can all play together on a team and help each other reach individual and team goals.” 

Bob’s success can also be attributed to excellent communication and organizational skills.  He stays in constant contact with his District Commissioners and League Officers.  He strives to give recognition to each one for the time and resources they provide the Babe Ruth League program.

Members of the Babe Ruth Family, such as Mike Caudillo and Bob Willis, were born to stand out.  Their pride, loyalty and generous contributions are aiding the future and prosperity of Babe Ruth League, especially the participants. 


The Babe Ruth Alumni Association is a separate group dedicated to supporting the welfare of the Babe Ruth League program.  The association is strictly a volunteer-driven, non-profit 501(c) (3) Organization. 

All charitable financial donations WILL CONTINUE TO BE USED:

  • Where the need is greatest - for example, to support players, teams and leagues that otherwise would be unable to participate because of lack of funding or due to catastrophic loss.
  • To support special initiatives, programs and projects that advance the general wellbeing of youth.
  • For donor-designated causes, such as scholarships/endowments, to honor or remember an individual, or to support a specific individual, team or league, etc.

Membership dues and financial contributions WILL NEVER BE USED to pay salaries or for the day-to-day operations of Babe Ruth League Headquarters.