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Chartering and Insuring Your League Has Never Been Easier!

Chartering and Insuring Your League Has Never Been Easier!


HYBS CharteredBabe Ruth League, Inc. recognizes the strategic role that changing with the times plays in the success of our business and in the success of administering a local league. Our volunteers rely on our service and we take this responsibility very seriously. This is why we work diligently to bring about technological changes that benefit our entire membership.

We are pleased to remind our leagues that it is time to charter for another great season. And the great news is that chartering and insuring your league has never been easier! If you don’t believe us, just ask Michael Chaves, President of the Hudson Youth Baseball/Softball League in Massachusetts, who was the first league to officially charter for 2015.

We caught up with Michael and he was happy to answer our questions about his experience registering his league for 2015.


BABE RUTH LEAGUE: What was the process like to charter your league for 2015?
MICHAEL CHAVES: It was a breeze. It only took minutes. Updates were easy, as a lot of information from last season was already on file.

BRL: With being a League Presidents for several season, how would you compare this year’s charter process to previous years?
CHAVES: The new process is finally in line with today’s registration standards that one has come to expect.

BRL: Do you like the ability to order additional supplies when you charter?
CHAVES: Yes. The pricing is clear, and it’s very simple to edit as needed.

BRL: Your league selected the custom banner this year. Where do you
plan to display the banner?
CHAVES: At our complex. We take pride in our charter and look forward to hanging the banner in a prominent location at our main building where all who enter our complex can see it. I am hoping this option will continue so we can display additional banners each year.

BRL: You took advantage of the new eCheck option. Why?
CHAVES: Other than paying umpires, we write very little checks or deal with cash. When I took over, I had the bank issue debit cards to our league Board Members who make purchases. The eCheck option is great because it syncs right in with how we do business.


BRL: How many players participate in your program?HYBS Logo
CHAVES: On our baseball side, we have seven divisions in our spring season and seven during our summer season, for a total of approximately 593 baseball players. For softball, we have four divisions in the spring season and four in the summer for a total of approximately 202 softball players.

BRL: Any notable alumni?
CHAVES: I don’t believe so.

BRL: Do you have any special plans for the upcoming season?
CHAVES: We are going to try to incorporate a road race as part of our Opening Day festivities. We tried last year but were washed out.


BRL: Are you an Alumni of the Babe Ruth program? How many years have you been volunteering. Why did you decide to volunteer?
CHAVES: I am not an Alumni. Oddly enough, I never played baseball as a kid. I first became involved when my son played T-ball. I am a workaholic and figured out one day that if I coaches I could never miss a practice because not only my son would be relying on me, but 11 other kids as well. I went on to coach my son and his teams for the next 10 years. I became a Tournament Director in 2010 and have been serving as League President for the past four years.

BRL: What keeps you coming back each year?
CHAVES: There is nothing more exciting than watching our players improving from day one to the end of the season. Beyond the game, our players learn many social skills that are key to development. They also learn the importance of volunteerism and what it means to be part of a community. Last year, a player asked me, “Hey Mr., do you own this place?” I just smiles. It means more than anything to have a child acknowledge the pride you take in what you.

For the past 64+ years, millions of children have participated in the Babe Ruth League program, where it is always our goal to ensure the players are not only learning the fundamentals of the game in a fun atmosphere, but are also learning valuable life lessons that will help them grow into happy, contributing and responsible adults. We realize there are many sports and other activities available to kids today. We are not only appreciative, but also very inspired by, the many volunteers, like Michael Chaves, who choose to support the Babe Ruth program and the youth we serve.

We thank Mr. Chaves for taking the time to answer our questions and for his continuing commitment to the youth of his community.

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