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To: League Presidents
From: Robert Faherty, Vice President/Commissioner
Date: November 13, 2013
Re: GameChanger

As you may know, GameChanger is Babe Ruth League’s Official Partner for Scorekeeping, Stats and Live Game Updates. Babe Ruth League is strongly committed to adopting new technologies that will enhance the Babe Ruth League experience. By adopting GameChanger’s mobile technology, Babe Ruth League has raised the bar once again to enhance the game experience and create greater engagement for parents and fans.

I’m writing with a few important announcements about GameChanger:
  • Managing your Team or League on GameChanger for Free – Babe Ruth teams or leagues can use GameChanger for free. It’s simple to add your team – just go to the GameChanger website: If you would like help adding your entire league to GameChanger, please email
  • Free Product Demo and Training – As part of our exclusive partnership, you or your scorekeeper will be provided with training from a GameChanger expert. You can sign up for an online demo here:
  • GameChanger is Required for all Tournament Competition – Babe Ruth League will be requiring our tournament sites to use GameChanger for scorekeeping, stats and live updates at their events. GameChanger will provide special training for your scorekeepers later in the spring. Stay tuned for more details.
Babe Ruth League and GameChanger are excited to bring the GameChanger app to Babe Ruth communities across the country. We think that the technology will not only help coaches and players improve recordkeeping and overall performance, it will serve as a tool that enhances everyone’s experience with their local league.

It’s exciting that a digital experience once reserved for big leagues is now available to all Babe Ruth leagues! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Babe Ruth Headquarters or email GameChanger at