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The National Umpire Association of Babe Ruth League offers an official program for umpires serving all of Babe Ruth Leagues divisions where professionalism, integrity, and love for the game is promoted. Membership assures a thorough knowledge of the rules of Babe Ruth League Inc. and their application on the field.

Being an official member of the National Umpire Association comes with many benefits. Some of which are:
  • Rule books for each division you are certified
  • Access to the official Umpire Guide
  • Access to a printable member identification card
  • Access to a printable member certificate
  • Member Accident and Liability Insurance (for non junior accounts)
  • Access to member only content
  • Access to exclusive member products and discounts
  • Subscription to the UmpireGram newsletter
  • Automatic notification of yearly rule changes
  • Eligibility for selection in tournament trail games
  • Eligibility for selection to Babe Ruth League World Series umpiring staff
  • Automatic listing in the commissioner umpire registry
  • Regional, State or District Clinics by Umpire Consultants
  • Speedy rule interpretations on Babe Ruth League rules by contacting Babe Ruth League, Inc. International Headquarters

Joining the National Umpire Association is fast and easy online. Pricing is based on divisions certified. Your first division will cost $65.00 (including a $10 fee for accident and liability policy) and the second is an additional $20.00. Junior Umpire accounts are offered at reduced rates and do not include insurance coverage. You may add divisions to your account at any time. To get started you will need to sign into your Babe Ruth League online account. If you don't have one yet, enter your email address under new users below and we'll get you signed up.

You will need a Babe Ruth League account to proceed to this area.