As directed by the Babe Ruth League Board of Directors, permission is hereby granted to each Babe Ruth 13-15 league to conduct a test pilot program to allow league age 16-year-old players to participate in their local league.   

These players will NOT be eligible for tournament competition.

The purpose of the test pilot program is to see if this option will:

  • Create a more enjoyable local league experience due to an increase in eligible players.
  • Enhance the 15-year-old and 16-year-old participant’s experience due to size, ability, and skills being comparable.
  • Increase the local league’s overall participation numbers.

If your league wishes to be part of the test pilot program, please notify National Commissioner, Robert Faherty, via email at

As it is always our intent to better understand and implement rule and policy changes, upon completion of the local league season, we will ask you to provide your input on the effect of the test pilot program.