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Another great opportunity for teams to compete in a softball tournament setting is taking shape at Babe Ruth Softball … and we’d like to tell you and your players all about it!
We are rolling out a new branch of the Babe Ruth Softball Tournament Trail called the National Qualifier. This new format offers your league the ability to host and/or participate in a National Qualifier Tournament that leads to a berth in a Babe Ruth Softball World Series or an Xtreme Fastpitch National Championship. (5 age groups in Babe Ruth Softball and 4 age groups in Xtreme Fastpitch.)
Want to HOST a National Qualifier? Here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • Have at least 5-6 teams compete in an age group.
  • Select which award type you would like to present to the teams, however, they must be purchased through Sharp Trophies by Mack
  • Use Babe Ruth NUA Certified Umpires for the games.
  • Pay $100 host fee for each age group you host and fill out a form online so that Headquarters can publish the tournament on the Babe Ruth League website and Facebook.
  • Set your game format and entry fees for teams attending.
  • Have a great tournament and raise funds for your local league program!
Option #1:
Host a National Qualifier at your home park!

Simply go to the following link to sign up:
You will pick the age groups, dates, bracket format and number of games, entry for teams to attend and award types. The cost is $100 per age group. The winner of your tournament will earn a berth to the Babe Ruth Softball World Series or Xtreme National Championship in that age group. (Please note: The team will still be required to attend the normal Babe Ruth Softball Tournament Trail to completion.)

Option #2:
Have your team or teams attend a National Qualifier event anywhere in the country.

Simply sign up for a tournament and, if you win the National Qualifier and your team competes to completion the regular Babe Ruth Softball Tournament Trail, your team is going to the World Series!

Attend and host as many National Qualifiers as you want to!
Want to sign up a team (or teams) to participate in a National Qualifier? Here's what you'll need to do:
  • Each team must be a chartered Babe Ruth Softball program to qualify for a World Series berth in any age group.
  • Tournaments are open to Xtreme Fastpitch teams as well. However, if the team is not also a dual chartered team under Babe Ruth Softball, they will be asked to attend the National Championship for Xtreme Fastpitch.
  • Team entry fees for the National Qualifiers are paid to the host league. No monies outside of your charter fee and proper insurance coverage is required to Headquarters.
  • If your team wins a National Qualifier for the World Series, you must still play in the Babe Ruth Softball Tournament Trail in District, State and Regional Play if offered in your state and region. Failure to participate in the normal Babe Ruth Softball Tournament trail to completion will void your berth to the World Series.
  • Teams who win a National Qualifier will be asked to place a deposit with the host site upon winning your qualifier. There is no team entry fee for a Babe Ruth Softball World Series, however, the host will retain the deposit in full if your team does not attend the Babe Ruth League World Series.
  • The team will not be listed as a team attending until the deposit is paid and recorded by the World Series host site.
  • World Series instructions will be sent to each team upon winning a National Qualifier Tournament.
  • All teams are asked to dual charter under both Babe Ruth Softball and Xtreme Fastpitch so that teams are able to compete in both the Babe Ruth Softball World Series and Xtreme Fastpitch National Championship if they wish to do so.
  • Teams in the 12U and 16U age levels that win a Regional Tournament will be known on the schedules as the Regional Champion. However, if the Regional Champion has already qualified for a BRL Softball World Series through a National Qualifier Tournament in that age group, they will not receive travel funds from Babe Ruth League. Babe Ruth League will provide travel funds and a World Series berth to the runner-up or highest team that does not already have a berth to the series since the runner-up may not have enough time to fundraise and so that the World Series pool does not shrink.
  • 8U, 10U and 14U age levels do not receive any travel funds for regional winners since the World Series host is not paying a host fee that covers World Series Travel costs. Teams will be required to book their own travel to and from the World Series.
Questions? Please contact Headquarters at 1-800-880-3142 for more information.