Do your players need help paying registration fees?

The Every Kid Sports Pass pays registration fees up to $150 for kids from qualifying income-restricted families.

Do your players qualify?

  • Is the child enrolled in Medicaid, SNAP, or WIC?
  • Is the sport recreational (not elite or travel team)?
  • Does the sport season lasts at least 4 weeks?
  • Is the child ages 4-18?


Does your league qualify?

  • Has capabilities to accept multiple payments?
    Example: Organization registration fees are $80. The Pass will cover $70 which will be paid via Chek Spend (digital Visa Debit or credit), the remaining $10 balance will be paid by the family in their payment method of choice.
  • Is the registration fee for a sport that is recreational (not elite or travel team)?
    Meaning: Clubs, travel, tournament, elite, personal training, camps, and programs that cost more than $500 do NOT qualify. 
  • Program/season lasts a minimum of four weeks?
    Reason: The Pass does not cover camps or any program lasting less than four weeks.

Download the Baseball Flyer

Download the Softball Flyer